RAD-X DR X1A Hard Case Large


Quick, simple and reliable to use. The images are captured and displayed within seconds. This comes packaged as a fully integrated RAD-X CXDI (NE) portable Workstation laptop for DR image acquisition, post processing and raw data storage. The IPS display is great for viewing from greater viewing angles. Faster in exposure-to-exposure time than cabled systems, ideal for yearling studies. Add to this your choice of the Canon CXDI Range of DR Panels. New and Refurbished panels available, with a range of sizes including 35x43cm and 30×40 cm. Same class leading Canon image quality, reliability and longevity. Serviced and maintained here in Australia


Main Features

  • Lenovo ThinkPad Laptop provides a complete, portable DICOM workstation.
  • Comes with a high resolution 16” IPS display, Windows 10 Pro OS. (or similar)
  • RAD-X Canon CXDI NE Image Acquisition Software.
  • 16kg to 19kg depending on options
  • Durable self-contained hard case
  • Unique RAD-X multi-frequency image processing algorithms – Creates the images seen in textbooks.
  • Full commercial wireless access point (WAP) for greater range – DR panel to console.
  • DICOM 3.0 connectivity – can send to any DICOM destination.
  • One-year warranty. Australian built system. All components supported and repaired here in Australia.
  • Grid Suppression software. Cleans up any grid line artifact.
  • DICOM Viewing and storage options – RocketPACS.


  • Cabled x-ray exposure synchronisation – cable to x-ray unit for ultimate exposure-to-exposure time. Ideal for yearling studies.
  • CXDI-810C, CXDI-803C, CXDI-702C, CXDI-703C, CXDI-720C

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