About Us

Radincon is a specialist supplier of medical imaging equipment, support and service to vets, chiropractors and small medical centres across Australia and New Zealand.

We believe in providing and supporting top quality equipment which lasts. Investing in the best means you and other clients can deliver quick accurate diagnosis, advice and care, time after time.

Our primary focus has become veterinary but many of our products and services cross over on to other applications. We’re passionate about animal welfare, from large animals, horses, production livestock, household pets to native wildlife and exotic animals in zoos across the country. We obviously don’t mind humans either.

We’re driven by a passion to deliver the very best equipment, support and service. We love supporting you to do what you do best with the greatest ease and efficiency. We’re not about the cheapest price upfront, we’re about giving you the best value over the life of your equipment.

So, whether you’re a suburban vet practice, a huge equine hospital, a remote medical or chiropractic service, or a mobile radiographer servicing nursing homes – we provide you with gear which does the job. On those rare occasions when it doesn’t (nothing is proof against everything you can throw at it), support is right here.

Our Story

We’re proudly Australian and family-owned, with the third generation now working in the Radincon business.

While we’re big enough to serve all our customers, we’re small enough to be a close-knit team who work together and laugh together. Even in the crazy busy times – and we have plenty of those!

Our clients have crazy busy times too, and want to be there for them too. Every time.

Our values

We believe in long term relationships, in trust and loyalty. In contributing to a good cause, as long as what we give gets to those in need.

We believe in quality. Quality in the equipment we provide, and in the service and support which come with it.

We believe in commitment, community and caring. That’s why we service the industries we do, how we keep clients for years, and what makes Radincon stand out.


Radincon is a family company. We believe in supporting and contributing to the community we live in. We share our good fortune with the organisations below, many have a special connection for us and our extended family. We would encourage you to look outside your own needs to those of others.

Want to know more about Radincon?

Check out our quality equipment, our latest blog articles or our Facebook feed. Or call us on 1300 721 734 and say hello!



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Call the Radincon technical support line for prompt assistance:
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This will be auto-forwarded to the on-call support staff, who will call you back as soon as possible.

If you have non-urgent support queries and requests, you can also email our support team.
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