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  • 2014 Conference Appearances

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Radincon is a specialised diagnostic imaging supplier to veterinary, chiropractic and medical markets in Australia and overseas. We provide imaging solutions including digital x-ray systems, CR and DR, PACS servers, viewing software and review workstations. We have a range of quality x-ray hardware, full systems, portables and mobiles - plus all radiographic supplies, consumables and accessories.

Important Change in X-Ray Film Freight

DUE TO RISING FREIGHT AND HANDLING COSTS we can no longer absorb the freight cost on film. From February 1st 2014 we will invoice you for the freight cost. Chemicals orders - minimum $20.00+gst.

Recent Events

Vaucluse Vet Clinic – Fujifilm CR Installation

Dr Julie McKenzie with her new Fujifilm FCR Prima. The system is compact enough to fit into space in a hallway as it did at this installation. Darkroom space saved, no more chemicals or processor cleaning here!

Parkinson Vet Surgery - Fujifilm CR Installation

Dr Reza Kamgarpour and his staff had little trouble operating their new Fuji CR. The intuitive software and simple-to-use hardware made it very easy to become familiar with the operation of the system. Dr Kamgarpour deliberated carefully over his decision. We are sure the team at Parkinson Veterinary Surgery won’t look back.

Point Clare Vet Hospital – Fujifilm CR Installation

Dr Rod Pelling with his recently installed Fuji Prima II and RAD-X DICOM Workstation. This acquisition will make a huge change to the process of getting a highly diagnostic image.

Newcastle Animal Emergency Centre – CR Digital Installation

Another installation of the Radincon Fujifilm FCR Prima II CR System.
This will make a huge difference to the time to a diagnosis for this busy after hours practice.

Dr David Tabrett and the NAEC team picked up the operation of the system quickly and have already integrated images into their practise management system for client viewing.

Patients and clients returning to their daytime vet can take the full DICOM study with them on CD. We hope to integrate the ultrasound images into the Merge eFilm DICOM study manager so those images
can be on the same CD.

We are sure this long time client will wonder how they did without their system.

Bungendore Veterinary Surgery CR Install

We recently installed our Radincon Fujifilm Prima II CR Package at Bungendore. In this case, the existing darkroom wasn't required as the Prima II has a very compact footprint when mounted on the purpose-built stand, allowing the system to fit in the corner of the x-ray room, handy for a quick look at the acquisition screen.

Jack Laing, Michael McCormack and the team became proficient very quickly with the tailored Fuji system.
The RAD-X DICOM Workstation was installed in the treatment area and will also be used as a Practice Management PC. DICOM studies can also be sent directly to radiology reporting services of specialist centres from here.

The workstation has two 500GB hard drives with an external hard drive that takes the automatic backup. Bungendore Vet Surgery has a range of equipment Radincon has provided over the years. This CR will provide a great gain in productivity to the practice

August 24 2012

Radincon Radiology Workshop – Veterinary Imaging Associates - Church Street Vet Hospital Mudgee - 31st March 1st April 2012

We had a very successful wet workshop with Dr Graeme Allan DVSc, MVSc, FACVSc, DACVR of Veterinary Imaging Associates instructing on small animal positioning, pulmonary and thoracic along with hip and elbow radiography. Dr David Parry-Okeden of Church Street Vet Hospital was able to provide clinical cases for the wet workshop component. All participants had the opportunity for hands on instruction in positioning, taking and assessing images. Hip and elbow positioning was particularly valuable with all participants gaining a better understanding of the correct views required for accurate assessment. Dr Steve Ledger of Mudgee Vet Hospital led a discussion on the economics of veterinary digital radiography and the results of a fee survey. Dr James Caspar of Church Street Vet Hospital led a discussion on small animal dental radiography and positioning. Alex Marriott from Radincon set up and demonstrated the use of a PACS Server and a number of DICOM Workstations. This gave a practical demonstration of the difference between a DICOM viewing program and a full PACS Server for image storage and distribution across a network. Dr Allan then presented a number of case studies for discussion along with some very interesting cases Dr Heather Glover of Church Street Vet Hospital had prepared. Dr Padraig Kelly from Coolmore demonstrated equine radiography for a yearling series very effectively and efficiently. This helped a number of the participants who came along for the large animal component of the workshop. All enjoyed an evening at the High Valley Wine and Cheese Co. We would like to thank all the staff at Church Street Vet Hospital, the instructors, David and especially Lanni Parry-Okeden for providing wonderful morning and afternoon teas.

May 2 2012

52nd Australian Veterinary Students Conference (AVSC) - Charles Sturt University

Dr McConnel with his local support

Radincon and E.I. Medical provided Ibex equipment for the Bovine Ultrasound Scanning Workshop.
Dr Craig McConnel of CSU lead two groups of students through the practical exercise of scanning cattle. Dr McConnel said "it provided a great opportunity that isn't often available for students".

Dr McConnel demonstrating how his Ibex works

Student in CSU

Charles Sturt University

January 18 2012

North Nowra Veterinary Hospital DR Install

DR, Compact Vet X-Ray Table and Porta HF X-Ray Unit

Radincon installed a DR flat panel digital system to an existing RAD-X Compact Vet X-Ray table with a Porta HF x-ray unit. Dr Quentin Brown became instantly familiar with the use of the DR. Improvements to image quality and productivity make the investment well worth it. While initially considering CR, the practice decided to invest in the "Gold Standard" of veterinary imaging - a Canon DR Flat Panel.

Dr Brown didn't know having his photo taken was in the sales agreement

RAD-X DICOM Workstation

North Nowra Veterinary Hospital

December 30 2011

Taronga Western Plains Zoo - Dubbo

Taronga Western Plains Zoo

We installed a complete new imaging package. This includes a SE Mark V Portable DR with a large format Canon Panel, a Porta 100HF Portable X-Ray unit, a Vaquero portable, mobile stand and a RAD-X DICOM Workstation. Dr Benn Bryant and his team are very happy with the new system. This is very similar to the equipment installed at Taronga Zoo in Mosman.

The second patient

The team at Taronga Western Plains Zoo with their new DR System

Dr Bryant can't believe how fast the system is!

December 15 2011